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Journal Chacham's Journal: Game: Battle Monkeys (rules)

Been playing Battle Monkeys.

Learning what each icon does and proc-order is important, but i haven't seen it explained in detail in one place. So, i decided to place a start, here, so as to have it somewhere:

Each Item can be used once. When used, the icon disappears.

Names appearing on four-part screen before game starts are colored based on rank.

Players can have between 1 and 100 Health.
        - If avatar receives health that would give it more than 100 Health, it is set to 100 Health.
        - If avatar receives damage that would give it less than 1 Health, it is removed from the game.

Avatars take turns:
        - By default, turns are taken in order, from left to right. (i.e. avatar with lowest ranking to highest ranking)
        - Order of actions can change the order of turns, which becomes the new order for subsequent rounds.

If two avatars qualify for an action as a result of a rule, the avatar affected is chosen at random. (Perhaps it is in the same as turn order, that round.)

If an action applies to more than one turn, it is also applied to the current turn.
        - Therefore, even though an action is shown as "+2", the board will show it as if it was 3.

Order of actions on a turn is:
        - Push (Where applicable)
        - Mace (If player is still in Mace from previous turn)
        - Poison (If player is still in Poison from previous turn)
        - Debonus
        - Health, Full Health, Shield, Vanish, Extra Jump
        - The rest (including new Mace and Poison)

Order is very important. For example:
        - An avatar in Poison with 10 (or less) Health, has no recourse for more health.
                - (If all other other avatars are in the same predicament, and go first, player can still win.)
        - Being in Mace and landing on Mace, means Mace actions twice on that turn.
        - An avatar in Poison that lands on a Vanish square, applies Vanish after the poison.
                - So, the damage received from Poison will not affect Vanish.
                - Poison on the next turn will affect Vanish.

All icons have a color:
        Green Health to self
        Red Damage to self
        Blue No Health or Damage to self or others.
        Yellow (potential) Damage to others

Push (event) - Avatar is moved off the current square.
          - When more than one avatar lands on the same square, a die is rolled for each.
                - The same number will not appear on more than one die.
                - The avatar with the highest number applies Push to each of the other avatars.
        - Push moves the avatar to an adjacent square. The avatar receives 10 damage.
        - An avatar on an edge square may land off the board. That avatar receives 100 damage.
        - If as a result of Push, an avatar lands on a square occupied by another avatar:
                        - In Single Player mode, the process runs again, for the new square.
                        - In Multiplayer mode, both avatars occupy the same square:
                                - The avatar that landed on the square first treats the square normally.
                                - The other avatar does not make use of the square, but can receive damage.

Health (heart, green) - Player receives 35 - 45 health

Lava (8 pointed star with outline, red) - Player receives points 35 - 45 damage

Extra Jump (up arrow with line through it, blue) - Player receives 4 (turns) to Extra Jump.
        - During Extra jump, player can move 4 squares (instead of the usual 3.)

Vanish (8 lines in circle around dot, blue) - Player receives 2 (turns) to Vanish.
        - Vanish ends prematurely if player takes any damage.
        - If player stays in Vanish for 10 turns, player receives Ninja Achievement.
        - During Vanish player becomes untargetable and avatar is not shown (mace and shield are)

Mace (mace, yellow) - Player receives 2 turns to Mace.
        - Players in Mace target all targetable avatars within one square of player.
        - Target receives 35 damage.

Shield - (double-lined shield, blue) - Player receives 2 turns to shield.
        - Players in Shield (and not in Sleep) are protected from all damage except Smackdown and Push.
        - Player in Shield can still receive Sleep.
        - If player is also in Sleep, Shield is not active, but does consume a turn.

Sleep (Zzz, blue, targeted) - Target receives 1 (turn) to Sleep.
        - Sleep end prematurely if target takes any damage.
        - Target is avatar closest to player.
        - During Sleep target does not consume any square's icons.

Debonus (encircled x, blue) - All avatars other than player are put in normal state. (Does not affect Health.)

Poison (skull with two injectors through it, yellow, targeted) - Target receives 2 (turns) to Poison.
        - During poison, player receives 10 damage.
        - Target is Avatar with highest health.

Meteor (circle with 3 circles inside of it, and 3 triangles outline of it, yellow, targeted)
        - Target receives 30-35 (usual), 40 ("Big"), or 50 ("Epic") damage.
        - If target has a shield, target takes no damage.
        - Target is avatar that player received the most damage from.
        - If no other avatars are targetable, player becomes target, even if in Vanish.

Lightning (lightning bolt, yellow, targeted) - Targets receive 30 damage.
        - All targetable avatars (other than player) receive 30 damage.

Shotgun (rifle, yellow) - Avatars in the row or column of player receive 40 damage.
        - Avatars with Shield or behind an avatar in Shield (relative to player), are exempt.

Shockwave (circle with 2 jagged outlines, yellow) - Avatars within 3 squares of player receive damage.
        - Avatars within 1 square receive 40 damage, within 2 receive 30 damage, within 3 recieve 20 damage.

Special (star with outline, white) - Special changes by avatar type.
        - Monkey - No special. (Icon is still consumed.)
        - Chimp - Banana bombs.
                - Avatars in every column other than player's column receive 45 damage.
                - Avatar in Shield, or behind an avatar in Shield (relative to bottom of field) are exempt.
        - Baboon - Smackdown (targeted) - Target receives 45 damage.
        - Orangutang - Full Health
                - Player's Health set to 100, even if game is Special: No Health.
                - Player receives 3 (turns) to Shield.
                - If player is in Poison, it is removed.
        - Gorilla - Machine Gun (targeted) - Avatar receives 75 damage.

Berserker (clenched fist, blue) - Player receives 3 turns to Berserker.
        - During Berserker all received damage from player, except Push, is doubled.
        - Initial damage of each Poison is doubled. Subsequent damage is not.
        - Special: Berserker triple damage causes triple damage instead of double.

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Game: Battle Monkeys (rules)

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