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Journal AHuxley's Journal: Glenn Greenwald Keynote 30c3
Into details of Hong kong - understanding TrueCrypt use.
World understanding about protecting own security, notes more PGP use in his email.
Limits on US surveillance, debate, political, legal reform - PR.
Secret court oversight - rubber stamp, role of generations of gov loyalists.
Hope with skills of the developers of encryption to protect communications - slows down rate of privacy loss.
PR of been seen at hacker events by US gov officials.
Will **you** work to help destroy privacy?
Act of conscience is spreading - Chelsea Manning, Daniel Ellsberg, wikileaks,
Price of transparency - gov punishment vs growing lists of whistleblowers -effective use of fear
Inspiration of more whistleblowers?
EU leaders greatly helped by Snowden news but not willing to help Snowden.
New book - role of free press vs tame US/UK media, gov false claims to public
Iraq war reflections, Snowden first doc.
Tame media, no oversight, US/UK media
Five eyes - no more privacy globally for electronic communications.
All communications tracked by govs, motivation - economic, politically - down to one goal: power.
What to release - powerful debate, interest - 6 months into, more on way.
True face of UK gov vs press freedom - now a joke.
German gov support of NSA - no change to German policy
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Glenn Greenwald Keynote 30c3

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