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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: The Anthropogenic Global Offgassing Change Climate

That the climate changes is a no-brainer. Of course it does. I admire the Left's rhetorical trick of silencing opposition at work here, akin to asserting that the Earth rotates, such that anyone daring to fall short of total agreement is claiming a static planet. Bravo. And, also, apparently, the sun doesn't have anything to do with altering the Earth's climate. None. A scientist hath issued a bull. Apparently word of Ace's famous line reached Scotland:

"If only there were some... natural mechanism by which to explain variations in global temperature. It would have to be massive, though. On the scale of our own Sun.

The AGW crowd had to try to beat back the sarcasm, I guess:

Until now, the influence of the sun on past climate has been poorly understood. We hope that our new discoveries will help improve our understanding of how temperatures have changed over the past few centuries, and improve predictions for how they might develop in future. Links between the sun and anomalously cold winters in the UK are still being explored.

Dr Andrew Schurer

School of GeoSciences

Sounds like some great weasel-wording to me, Andy! Quick, let's mount up the EPA posse and commence to crucify our economy while those "anomalously cold winters" are being further "explored".

I care about climate and the environment. Conservation is conservative after all, and totally common-sense. Conservation is as common sense as heterosexuality and life beginning when a person's information is complete, i.e. conception. I truly get conservation. Phil Robertson gets conservation; he needs plenty of great outdoors to give rant-free, non-homophobic interviews like his recent GQ offering, for example.

The pseudo-scientific joke afoot these days is like that of a feedback loop, having all the appeal of a microphone in front of a loudspeaker. This metaphorical Telefunken U47 is set up when public money is given to any group, e.g. the DoD, who are rewarded for Chicken Little-ism. I get it. We're talking about a business model here. "The Commies are coming! Our precious bodily fluids are threatened!" Appeals to fear work great! What, just because I'm a veteran means I'm verklemmt, and can't call it like I see it? Any group placing itself beyond criticism is suspect.

"I'll believe it's a crisis when the people telling me it's a crisis start acting like it's a crisis," spake the Instapundit.

Two points for the AGW crowd:

(1) Your butt looks big.

(2) You're going to have to make some personal sacrifices to put some urgency in all this. Do something like head up a project to start doing reverse-osmosis water production, to reclaim desert. If you did that in the Sinai, you might even ease some of the political tensions there.

Maybe I should be more trusting of academics. I guess if they hadn't spent the last decade cying havok and loosing the hounds of Alinsky, I might take them more at face value, instead of farce value.
Bonus: Rush transcript from August. He's certainly as authoritative as these AGW rodeo clowns.

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The Anthropogenic Global Offgassing Change Climate

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