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Journal TheSandBox's Journal: Creating The Sand Box 22

This is an initial forum for discussions regarding our little Sand Box, in Sol's region called Solemndragons_Backyard.

The first issue we should probably discuss is how to conduct business here in The Sand Box of Sol's BackYard. I suggested a few rules for these discussions. These are below. Tell us what you like, or don't like about them and what needs to change. Items that are bold need to be determined.

1) The Referees, appointed by our Reclusive Empress, will preside over The Sand Box and have access to this slashdot account.

2) The Reclusive Empress will approve The Rules for her Back Yard, once enough people agree on what they should be.

3) Any business proposed by a member of The Sand Box must be seconded by another member.

5) Debate on a proposition will be held for 3 days.

4) A proposition under debate passes when [number] percent of members of The Back Yard approve it.

5) Throwing sand at other Nations in The Sand Box is not allowed.

6) The Empress must approve any propositions for them to be valid.

7) Any nation may join The Sand Box, if they are given the password.

8) The Empress retains the right to eject any nation from The Sand Box if they don't play fair, share their toys, or if they annoy everyone else. Suitable discussion will take place before this happens.

9) Nations that need a nap, vacation, or other trips away from The Sand Box, may do so any time they wish with out fear of invasions or harsh trade sanctions.

10) UN membership is optional for all members in The Sand Box. Each region gets a UN Delegate by endorsing a nation. The nation with the most endorsements is the representative. Currently, our Delegate is Turgkey. It might be a good idea to make sure that the Delegate is not also a Referee, just to spread around the fun involved.

So those are just some suggestions. There has already been a proposal for a unified currency for The Sand Box. Some debate regarding this invasion of sovereignty has occured. This could be our first proposition to debate, after the Rules are determined.

Sebi, FortKnox, and myself, robi2106 (jason), have been appointed by Sol as Referees for The Sand Box. I have also suggested Bethanie. Sebi has lots of experience in the game, and great ideas, as described in this post.

El Jefe de Caffeinastan
aka jason

Note from solemndragon:

The password nations will need is the regional one. But... i think that there should be nations outside our backyard allowed to join. Are all members in the backyard automatically members? Members, you tell me, because you're the ones who will be subject to the proposals we consider. I know there's resistance to the currency idea, for example, and i don't want this to end up as meaningless for some people as the Nationstates UN.

I think that submitting a proposal should be as easy as posting a comment with the subject: "PROPOSAL," and that one of us should make sure there's a JE on a regular basis so that there's room to do this.

I think that each slashdotter should be restricted to one vote, however, no matter how many nations they have. That one's up for debate. Debate it NOW, before we vote. The proposals may be rewritten before the vote, with extra debate time, if salient arguments for or against come up.

That said, i think that we have an excellent setup described here. Sebi may not have the same free time that we do, so we must allow discretion to not take on this responsibility when called. Bethanie's in it for the fun, and i respect that. Which leaves us with some empty space; Sebi, spot's yours if you want it, but no push and no hard feelings.

we need: Someone to chair, along with me- i think there should be two co-chairs, so that it's not just one person approving proposals in my absence should i not be around. There will need to be someone counting votes to make sure that everyone's been represented in a 'need-unanimity' vote. So, i agree- you and FK should be PenUltimate Sandbox Referees ('sandblasters?' *grin*) and we must find a vote-counter who can't/won't be bribed.

I think that the first proposal should be this one: to vote on this entire slate as one proposal, including said ad hoc committee of three, and by taking part in the debate or the vote, (which should take place three days from now? With a 24-hour period for collecting votes, to account for differing time zones) nations start taking part.

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Creating The Sand Box

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  • by turg ( 19864 ) *
    I'm not doing very good for my economy so far. But my people still seem to like me.
  • If you use this link to Solemndragons backyard [] it will show you the page within the proper frames so you still have all the links you need to play the game.
  • Thought I'd preserve all the comments currently in the Backyard's forum:

    The Kingdom of OrganizedKonfusion

    Our poor national animal the Printed Circuit Board is teetering on extinction, we need a conservation plan. I need four willing nations to keep a couple (1 male, 1 female) in their zoo, running a breeding program.

    The PCBs are loving little cuddly creatures and it would be a sad day if they became extinct.

    -The King of the Kingdom of OrganizedKonfusion

    The Kingdom of Adorable Bunnies

    Our n

    • Regarding the United Nations I cannot help but share some of the unease the Leader of The Armed Republic of Bootieville expressed. I am not sure if the assurances from the Leader of The Fiefdom of Cream-Filled Doughnuts tell the whole story. I will reserve judgement until I know all the facts. Even if non-U.N. members have nothing to do with the politicking involved we might still be associated (at least by name) with the way our delegate votes at the assembly. Something to think about.

      The peoples of The
      • I have just been advised by my Cheif of Goat Herding and Legal Affairs, my second cousin Habib, that the existance of a UN deligate should have no legal or economic affects on any nation in The Sand Box because UN actions only carry weight with UN members.

        For example, the recent proposition regarding something to do with Civil rights for the Mentally Ill, even if passed, does not mean non-members of the UN have to treat their loonies and better.

        In fact, you could even create a market for lunatic retreats,
        • I have just been advised by my Cheif of Goat Herding and Legal Affairs, my second cousin Habib, that the existance of a UN deligate should have no legal or economic affects on any nation in The Sand Box because UN actions only carry weight with UN members.

          Whilst the people of The Rogue Nation of Feckarewe fully understand that UN resolutions are non-binding on non-UN states, and in fact have no effect whatsoever on UN states, the fact that there is a UN delegate claiming to represent the region to which T
          • The people of Thanatovakia would like to announce that from this point forward we will only refer to the United Nations as The Abomination which was so beautifully put forth by the wise people of Feckarewe.

            Other nations are welcome to join us in this action.
          • the fact that there is a UN delegate claiming to represent the region

            As the UN delegate, Turgkey makes no such claim. The UN delegate represents the region's UN members, and that only in a very limited way.

            It might be inferred by other nations that the UN delegate has the support and backing of all states in the region,

            I do not believe that this is the case. States that are UN members will understand how the system works (The UN delegate doesn't even necessarily have the support and backing of al

      • Your reclusive Empress regrets this decision, as rather than putting the issue to proposal after we got our parliamentary procedures together, you've ditched us altogether. But since there's not much i can do about that, all that i can do is to issue a call for public opinion, which i will do within the next few days.

        It is possible that some compromise may be possible, as it is permissible to remain a member of the League of the Sandbox from afar.

  • Sounds okay, as long as the Lefties stay out of the business of Bootieville! Well, unless you are visiting with the proper credtit rating.

    If any money is involved, feel free to spend it here. If any shooting is involved, please remember that we have a fully armed population.

    Word of note, the so-called "UN" statistics on Bootieville are so wrong as to be laughable. In two (or three?) days we have gone from 5 millions to 7 millions in polulation!? Sorry folks, even as we do have a nice niche market in p
  • As crime rates rise, some in the community are calling for increased policing.
    1. "Just the other day, I got mugged in the broad daylight!" says ruffian Jean-Paul Rifkin. "And the ironic thing is I had just stuck up this other guy. When muggers are getting mugged, even I have to admit that crime has gotten out of control. We do need more police."
    2. "The solution to crime is not more police!" says noted sociologist and occasional crime novelist Hope King. "Studies repeatedly show that crime is caused by pover
    • Solemndragon here. Here's what rolled into my issues list this morning:

      The fact is, the dragon population is out of control," says Beef-Based Agriculture spokesperson Dave Mistletoe. "We have to do something about them anyway, so why not market them as tasty snacks? We could have dragon kebabs, dragon pies, dragon-on-a-sticks--the possibilities are endless! Let's not pass up this golden opportunity to provide a feast, if you will, for our economy."

      "I agree that something needs to be done about dragon o

      • Mmmm. Dragon-kebabs. Those are the best. They're especially good when roasted on the fire of other dragons -- something about the level of heat from a dragon's breath that makes it just perfect for cooking dragons. Crackly-crispy on the outside and tender and juicy inside. Of course, um, "arranging" for this to occur is an... "interesting" process.
        • The international dragongames (a booklet i'm preparing just for humour's sake) is the place to be. We have a debate category.

          I'd also say that 'pentatonic skilletry' is my favourite, but beyond that, i'm not sharing...yet...

  • I don't know about what is the procedcure for proposing ammendments to motions before this body but I would like to suggest the following ammendments to item #10, regarding the UN.

    UN membership is optional for all members in The Sand Box.

    This is good as far as it goes, but I'd suggest adding "Those who choose not to join the UN will not be affected in any way by the actions of the UN"

    Each region gets a UN Delegate by endorsing a nation. The nation with the most endorsements is the representative.

    • Amen to those; I hereby append them. *nod* The Un delegate SHALL NOT be a referee, shall only represent UN nations in certain UN proceedings, and those nations not joining the UN shall not be bound by UN proceedings. In the event that League of the Sandbox Proceedings conflict with UN proceedings, League of Sandbox shall demand a plan of action from the UN member nations.

      How's that?

      • Brilliant.

        I think that will work well for us.

        El Jefe de Caffeinastan

        • get out the VOTE....

          *synchronise watches* 3 days for debate, folks. Let's go!

          • To get out the vote the first logical step would be an updated version of the newsletter the regional government is so kind to publish at []. In this newsletter one could highlight some of the points the various participants in this here discussion made, put a catchy headline on top, ask a few questions at the bottom and link to it from the World Factbook Entry of SolemnDragon's Backyard. Just an idea, you know.
            • Brilliant!

              Ok. I think I have overused that term lately, but I just saw "Bend it Like Beckem" and it stuck in my head.

              Good idea. I, or The Reclusive Empress, will do so some time this evening so we have a forum specifically dedicated to debating The Rules.

              El Jefe de Caffeinastan
      • Sounds good to me.

        As an inoffensive centrist democracy, Lagartija's only point for debate is that votes not be called on weekends; it's difficult enought to get my people to the polls. :)
        As far as unifying the currency, I don't care much either way. Three days discussion ought to be enough for most proposals, and I humbly submit that 75% should be a sufficient majority.

  • by sebi ( 152185 )

    Sebi, spot's yours if you want it, but no push and no hard feelings.

    Do I want it? Sure. I am not quite as sure about the responsibilities this position will bring, but am confident that I will figure it out in the not too distant future. Concerning my free time: Don't worry about that. I do mostly work from home so I actually have as much time as I want outside the really tough periods. And they don't happen all that frequently. I do live in a different time-zone, but then most likely not all of you liv

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