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Journal ediron2's Journal: If disappears, does it remain?

I made some snide remark about on a recent posting, and someone said it was down.

First reaction was: 'good. Finally.'

Second was 'aside from first-time visits and whatever tiny percentage of the world it is that likes that sort of thing, who would ever go back to notice?!' (or admit it, SGFCA...)

Third was the metaphysics question. Ignoring the above contingents (a big if, considering The September that never ended effects -- 5 billion newbies out there):

Even if remains down... can it ever go down? I mean, it's not like we'll notice, that the joke loses strength, or that most of us would ever revisit *that* link.

It has transcended the internet. We're *stuck* with a fear and loathing of a URL that may not work. Hell, that makes it more offensive than spam, in my hierarchy of loathing. Like r.h.g's green golf ball joke, it'll be with me until I die.

Strange, how the things I dislike teach me more about myself than most things I like.

PS: am not happy with the question or the title, but I'll be damned if I can fix them at this early hour. Oh, and the last 'graf tickles at a famous quote...

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If disappears, does it remain?

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