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Journal MikeBabcock's Journal: Helping out

I've been asked if there's any way to help with the condition my wife has (see previous journal entries for background).

The short answer is of course yes, please donate to a group doing advanced (and open) genetics research. This will benefit us all. My wife has been part of a test group for some research in Philidelphia who have done much advanced work in the use of modified viruses to affect genetic mutations and the like.

Consider donating to the National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation (United States) or the Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation (Canada). Donations have been made already to each in the memory of my late son, Colin Isaac Babcock. If you wish to add to those, feel free to mention his name when you give.

Mount Sinai has been phenomenal in their care; our doctors have been very hands-on, very involved and concerned and have even called us at home on multiple occasions since the passing of my son to keep in touch and make sure we're okay. The nursing staff is incredible and delivering upwards of 40 to 50 babies a day, mostly high-risk would make any person dizzy -- these people work hard to keep things calm but personal and give great, fast and consistent care.

I'll probably post more about this when I have the energy on my personal website ...

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Helping out

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