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Journal leoaugust's Journal: Archive of 7 Comments between 139 and 153

Kevin Kelly's Self Publication Experiences
(Score:4, Informative)
Tuesday December 30, @01:15PM (#7836867)
Slashdot | Is Self Publishing Worth the Price?

STOP-ping Every Car Carrying an Almanac..
(Score:3, Informative)
Tuesday December 30, @07:30AM (#7834058)
Slashdot | UK Police Want An Automotive Tractor Beam

Quitting Smoking With Smokin' Pencils ...
Sunday December 28, @05:11PM (#7823642)
Slashdot | Human Trials Of Anti-Smoking Vaccine Begin

Tufte is for Masses Byrne for Classes
(Score:3, Insightful)
Sunday December 28, @09:30AM (#7821555)
Slashdot | David Byrne Subverts PowerPoint

One of very few hyper-virulent organisms ever crea
(Score:4, Funny)
Saturday December 27, @04:09PM (#7818567)
Slashdot | Scientists Create Deadlier TB Strain By Accident

Virus are on Border of living and Dead Matter ...
(Score:4, Interesting)
Saturday December 27, @02:32PM (#7818133)
Slashdot | Smallpox From The Past

Little like the movie "The Game" ....
Saturday December 27, @12:04PM (#7817551)
Slashdot | Blast Theory Unwires Online Games

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