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Journal jeffy124's Journal: Dilbert, according to me (or, what I did at work today)

In a recent JE, I commented that I was planning on using a Dilbert strip of some sort to the replace a cartoon on the chart listing who gets the job of assembling our group's weekly report.

Here's what I've come up with:

I started with this strip of PHB and dilbert having a brief discussion. I removed all the text and, in the third frame, spun Dilbert around to face PHB and removed PHB's left arm from view. The script now reads (PHB is the only speaker):
Frame 1: We're required to do a weekly report. All the engineers will e-mail you their status each Thursday.
Frame 2: Your job will be to compile these reports into a single document.
Frame 3: I will then make incomprehensible changes and send the report to management with your name on it.

The above strip will go at the top of the sheet listing each month's "stukee." While searching through's archive, I also found this juicy nugget which I plan on placing at the bottom of the sheet.

No one in my group knows of this quite yet. The guy in the next may have seen me working on it, but he may not have noticed.

I plan on drafting up the sheet and passing it out via email as a late christmas present to my group :-)

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Dilbert, according to me (or, what I did at work today)

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