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Journal mcgrew's Journal: Nobots Chapter Two

Chapter Two is online. Unlike chapter one, it was expanded quite a bit and changed quite a bit from the draft that was posted at slashdot.

As of now, there are four copies in existence; Patty has one, one is on its way to me, another is on its way to symbolset and the fourth should be on its way to robably by Monday, since he ordered his two days after I did and I got email notification it had been shipped this morning.

The copies you guys bought may be collector's items in the future, since the cover may not be right, I'll have to see when mine gets here (should be a week or so, probably next Friday or Saturday). Lulu's web site is a PITA but not near as bad as Bowker's.

There will be a chapter a week posted, I've put dates on the chapters in the site index. I may post all of them in April, I haven't made up my mind though.

And speaking of the site, since I have a site now I'm going to post something the beginning of next month that hasn't been on the internet for a decade: the Springfield Fragfest Christmas page in almost all its former glory. The MP3s of a then 11 year old Patty singing "I Saw Mommie Killing Santa Clause" and "Rudolph the Four Legged Stroggie"; various Quake II skins (Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause, Kenny, Camper, NudeChick (you have to hunt for that one. Hint: very bottom of the page) and I think a few others; the Christmas tree made from weapons and armor; lyrics to the Quake Carols.

Unfortunately the javascript is broken, and since it's been ten years since I've done any programming I'm having trouble fixing it. All the javascript does is provide mouseovers on the navigation buttons, and more importantly provide the Squished Sonic animation -- if you hold your mouse over the Strogg on the left, Sonic the Hedgehog is supposed to run out and the Strogg is supposed to try and stomp on him. Unfortunately, I can no longer get it to work. Unfortunate, because folks loved that.

I'll post a link on December 1 and the page will be removed on Boxing Day.

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Nobots Chapter Two

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