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Journal gmhowell's Journal: I am a masochist 5

I'm a masochist. No, not of the sexual variety. Of the slashdot variety. For some reason, not only do I still continue to read this site, I click on links to stories about cars and phones. The raging stupidity and arrogance is amazing.

And yet I come back.

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I am a masochist

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  • . . .the commenters telling me that up is the new down.
  • So am I.
  • As The Offspring say, "The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care. Right?"

    Of course I really haven't found anywhere better. There are some interesting discussions on Reddit sometimes. There are some good links at Hacker News but the discussion is usually not in a direction that is very interesting to me. Twitter is too constraining. Facebook? Well you know. It's useful to me in a social sense -- in that it helps me stay connected with non-technical people I care about. But it doesn't replace or

    • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

      I think that just about covers it. A lot of 'better' places have come and gone over the years, but this place still manages to hit a sweet spot.

      My biggest concern the other day was just a category or two that I keep getting lured into. I like cars. I like reading about them. I like discussing them. I do not like reading or discussing them on slashdot.

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