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Journal Loki_1929's Journal: A few items of interest, you probably will want to read on.. 2

So I was reading about slashdot's little subscription-as-a-gift thing, and I was thinking that I might randomly select a few individuals from my fans list for a gift subscription. I was going to do the whole bunch, but then I pulled out my calculator and figured out that ~100 fans times $5 is really freakin' expensive. I really don't love you all that much - really. Anyway; I'm pondering how to do it exactly, but I'm thinking I'll probably do it Christmas morning and announce the nicknames of the lucky few in my journal. Please stay tuned for more.

Also, for those of you who were asking about the bootable CD I mentioned before, please stay tuned and I'll give you more info about what's on it and how to set it up for yourself once I have the time and inclination (probably within a week). I'll try to post replies to everyone who asked about it, but by the time I get into it, the discussion could very well be archived. One more reason to check my journal every so often.

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A few items of interest, you probably will want to read on..

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  • Is impossible. I want more time. Otherwise, nothing.

    Too, too much stuff. We moved this year, and will move back next year, and I discovered we have more stuff than is sane to acquire. Threw out great wodges of it, and there's still too much. I even have too much single malt, if that's possible. And me, the owner of huge wish lists on Amazon and ThinkGeek.

    And we're remodeling our house, so are doing more than our share to stimulate the economy, mind you.

  • Anyway; I'm pondering how to do it exactly

    You might allocate subscriptions based on who replies to your journal entries. :)

    (Is this gift-subscription-whoring?)

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