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Journal Badanov's Journal: Leftists at Slashdot 1

Slashdot is replete with leftists. See my posts lists. Some of them are trolls but a huge majority are not and a few of those have been rather unfairly modded to negative numbers becuase the moderator disagreed with the content rather than consider the content objectively.

I think some moderators/meta-moderators are even responding to posts after moderating them. My view of this is while you may have the freedom to respond to posts you moderate, it is proof you are not being objective. Objectiveness means that you take a total hands-off approach to moderating, that you do not respond to posts you moderated, whether yoou agree with them or not.

I can't possibly let myself wish I had such a lack of conscience. But what bothers me is this system appears to be broken. I do not believe that editors are properly monitoring their moderators. I do my best to meta-moderate objectively and at least once a day I see where a post has been unfairly moderated in some way or another, primarily becuase the views being moderateed do not fit the views of the moderator.

Maybe I am not an intelligent person enough to deserve positive moderation, but I seriously doubt my posts have earned the negative moderations they have been given.

If you are a slashdot editor or a leftist moderator, disregard this post: I am complaining to friends here and anyone else who will listen and agree.

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Leftists at Slashdot

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