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Journal Coventry's Journal: Finally over 5

So the war is finally over - I think. This guy, who has a tendancy to use all caps when discussing technical matters, is really just a rude schmoe.

I am just so sick of dealing with his attitude, so I decided to be generous and lean in the favor of his ranting.

I tried to adminish him as I ended my last post - but I don't think it will do any good. I mean, thsi guy claims to have 15 over 15 years of experience in the IT field... and yet to reference an old rant of mine, his uid is two orders of magnitude larger than mine. So, apparently, he was in the field, but under a rock for a couple of years when it comes to slashdot.

his last post at least had references... most of them were off-base and widly so, and some of them were counters to textbooks I had pointed him at. I mean, he actualy sent me to a page that described OS kernels - me. The page didn't reference the OS/2 (any version) kernels, but it did mention NT and microkernels! I guess that makes it a valid resource for the discussion at hand? (which was about the roots of NT having come from OS/2).

And he called me a troll. I mean, I have one of the best karma records on the site, ever, and he called me a troll... sheesh.

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Finally over

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