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Journal TrollBack's Journal: Trollback for October 2003 9

Assmasters of the universe!

It is nearly 400 years since Guy Fawkes was hanged, drawn, and quartered for attempting to poison the Queen of England. Once you've tired of celebrating his memory in the traditional way, why not come inside and treat yourself to the October 2003 edition of Trollback?

Slashdot news and happenings

Back in May we discussed the psychiatrist's dream that is HanzoSan. All good things must come to an end, and it seems the same is also true for HanzoSan. After some inspiring work, that which HanzoSan loves the most was taken away from him: karma. His comment history shows his karma has been decimated. Like a tree falling in the forest with no-one to hear it, HanzoSan cannot be heard without karma, and he has officially left the building. In a rare gesture of kindness, HanzoSan included a list of who to thank in his diary.

We welcome Pan T. Hose, who has already been a victim of CmdrTaco's secret powers. Not only does Pan T. Hose have three entries in The List, but he gets an honourable mention for starting one of the best threads of the month. Trollback looks forward to a long line of posts!

It was pointed out by Trollback follower x.c.v that we never reported on Mensa Babe. This was not intentional, so we now present a posthumous investigation into some of Mensa Babe's finest work as selected by fellow Trollback fan x.c.v: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]. Remember, if you see a user who shows potential, and we don't seem to be tracking said user, an email to Trollback's address or a post to 31337 goes a long way to rectifying the situation.

It seems to have been a bad month for our favorite glorified blogs. It seems that everyone have received their fair share of 5xx errors after triggering boundary conditions by, say, clicking on a story link, discussed by Taco in journal entries. Now I know you keep telling us there's never going to be a Meta section, but honestly Rob, a rose by any other name...


Slashdot's 5xx problems were minor compared to the trials of k5. An age-old problem in systems maintenance is how to create a test environment that can be guaranteed to perform exactly as the live environment does. Fortunately, Mr Foster had a brilliant solution to this problem: test major changes on the live server. What followed was a month of turmoil, where the site was seemingly more down than up. This problem finally seems to be under control, for reasons possibly not unrelated to the fact that the servers only have to handle a fraction of the requests they used to thanks to a large exodus of the userbase. The phrases "open source" and "enterprise ready" keep popping into Trollback's mind, but Trollback cannot figure out why.

After a lengthy hiatus, Adequacy.org has resurfaced in the form of an archive. Although a static site, there are links to all of the comments that made Adequacy.org fun. The world is once again safe from teenage hackers.

The List

(4,6,45) Anonymous Coward | Re:Here is the text...
(-1,19,32) Anonymous Coward | mp3 music is illegal
(5,14,109) mao che minh | Cool
(0,16,57) Dancin Santa | I kind of like SiteFinder
(1,21,65) Dancin Santa | Losing the Insert key
(0,7,13) egg troll | Such a waste of money
(2,12,114) Tyreth | Starlight and time
(0,18,79) larry bagina | slashdot == sexist
(1,13,18) Krapangor | Why should be decent product activation evil ?
(0,8,18) egg troll | Why are they backing off?
(5,9,33) Pan T. Hose | Funny
(4,32,87) Anonymous Coward | Availability of the DNC
(5,9,33) Pan T. Hose | Interesting
(0,14,49) Krapangor | Java ?
(1,9,58) Pan T. Hose | I am sick of it
(2,24,65) Anonymous Coward | True costs of Linux (egg troll)
(2,11,24) Sheetrock | It makes sense.
(1,17,120) downix | While I like the idea...
(3,18,53) Dancin Santa | GPL == Communism, and I like it that way
(2,25,74) Sheetrock | I don't really like it (yet)
(-1,10,15) Michael's a Jerk! | MS works for me (Not a troll, please read) (egg troll)
(-1,15,22) Michael's a Jerk! | As a record store owner.

Honourable Mentions

That's it for this month!

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Trollback for October 2003

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