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Journal mnmlst's Journal: SPOILERS- More thoughts on Matrix: Revolutions

Saw Matrix: Revolutions on opening day and have some observations to share. First, my mind was blown by the flight of the hovercraft all the way up and through the permanent, dark, cloud layer into the beautiful blue sky above that layer. The first implication of this is that all of the electrical interference in that dark layer is keeping the machines from climbing high enough to learn of the blue sky far above. If the machines knew, presumably they could set up solar power collectors and stop having any "need" for the humans in their pods. One could also see this as a new layer to the Matrix universe. One can think of all the elements of the Matrix universe as existing within envelopes going from a smallest envelope at the center placed into a next-size larger envelope which is in a still-larger envelope... The most-enveloped are the humans plugged into the Matrix, the second-most enveloped are the machines keeping the humans cocooned, the third-most enveloped are the humans in Zion, and the least-enveloped of all are Neo, the Oracle and the Architect. The three most-enveloped groups have been kept in permanent ignorance that the "scorching of the sky" has not actually trapped all of them in their cycle of interdependence. Second, perhaps this glimpse is a foreshadowing of the eventual peace and the blue sky visible at the very end of the movie.

I really enjoyed the advertisement for "Tastee Wheat" that I noticed in the train station when Neo, Trinity, and Seraph were chasing the Trainmaster. Next time I see the movie, I will look for more such visual delights.

I really liked the battle in the rainstorm near the end of the movie for two reasons. The first was it was reminiscent of all the rain in Matrix I, such as when Neo was first picked up in the black, Lincoln Continental. The second thing I liked about the rain is it was kind of a tangible version of the streaming, green code that Neo perceived so much in Matrix I & II. The accompanying thunder and lightning were of course used to melodramatic effect during the fight sequence.

Another treat was the black cat used when the little girl is revived on the sidewalk near the end of the movie. Of course, that bit of "deja vu" with the black cat had been in Matrix I.

In the final analysis, Man and Machine need each other. Man will make the choices and the Machines will follow directions and serve their well-defined purposes.

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SPOILERS- More thoughts on Matrix: Revolutions

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