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Journal vacuum_tuber's Journal: Mod points carelessly assigned to lowlifes

Some asshole with moderation points hit two of my posts today. Judge for yourself:

Re:Tax systems was 1, now 0

This was "Overrated" at its default of 1? Obviously the person who modded this down is a fuckwitted socialist asswipe who loves high taxes.

Re:I'd rather have a sales tax than an income tax was 1, now -1.

This one was modded down twice, probably by the same pus-brained fuckwit who modded the other post down, first as "Overrated," then as a "Troll." Ha! If this message is a troll then the moderator is Saddam Hussein's boyfriend. Wait! He could be!

My post is chock full of spot-on, factual information and takes on the nonsense of liberals using the word "progressive" to have a too-conveniently overlapping meaning in politics and tax rates.

Message to the guilty moderator(s): petty is as petty does. You're proving the bankruptcy of your politics by doing the only thing you know how to do: tear things down to your level. Hint: it doesn't work. Thanks for revealing the proof that you're an unworthy opponent. The fact that you can hide behind anonymous moderation won't help you -- you have to live with yourself, which must be hellish.

By affecting my karma and thus the default score of postings I made today, you have also inadvertantly detracted from the anti-spam discussion. Do you like spam, too, in addition to high taxes? Fuckwit!

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Mod points carelessly assigned to lowlifes

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