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Journal The Michele's Journal: The Lovely Bones 7

I read The Lovely Bones last night. A really excellent book, as least for it's genre. Does it have a genre now? I suppose so, the "Oprah" genre. Eh, still good reading, and only took a few hours to tear through. It did show me how programmed I am to read that type of book as a mystery, despite the fact that they tell you right up front who did it. I would catch myself thinking "She could have done it, there is a motive right there", then do a double take, remembering that I knew who the murderer was. The story really wasn't about Susie's murder, but about letting go, and how you can let go without forgetting what is important. How you can still love without keeping hold of those things that tether you to patterns that keep you from moving forward. It was nice, and quaint and a bit cheesy at times, falling into the trap that many a trashy novel walks into willingly. (Oh come on, you know what I mean, taudry sex and silly sub plots) Mostly though, I am glad I have it in hard cover, because I am likely to pick it up a few more times and will probably loan it out too. A nice addition to the Fiction Shelf.
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The Lovely Bones

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  • I haven't even heard of this one. But I'll check it out.

    Almost all of my reading in the past 4 years has been parenting, childbirth, & breastfeeding stuff, with a little fiction thrown in -- Harry Potter, of course, and Jean Auel... The Shipping News is one I pick up every year or so. Just my favorite book EVAR. The next one on my list is "Memoirs of a Geisha" which was highly recommended by a mother of one of Kiddo's classmates. Sounded good enough, so why not give it a spin. Anything that Carmela re
    • I was surprised at the quality of the Harry Potter books. I enjoyed them quite a bit, though it only took me a few days to get through the series. Of course, now I'm stuck with everyone else, waiting for #6 and #7. If you're into humor, I'd recommend The Management Secrets of T. John Dick, by Agustus Gump. Very funny. It was reviewed on Slashdot a month or two ago. Lost in a Good Book and The Eyre Affair, by Jasper Fforde, are mystery-type books with a very whimsical and humorous side.
      • Of course, between my busy schedule and backlog of books, it may be a while before I can get to them! I was just given a book by my therapist to read that I would like to consume, er, read before Tuesday. Normally not a terrific feat, but I was warned that it is fairly clinical and dry, and with my short attention span lately it may be a "no funner".
    • Take my advice, all those books are just opinions too. They are no more valid than the opinions thrown at you at supermarkets by strangers, or given to you by well meaning family members, or even the advice I am giving you right now. Sure, it is great to get the skinny on some of the studies done, but there is so much contradictory "evidence" on child-rearing and especially breast-feeding, that your head can sometimes feel as though it will explode and you end up with very little practical information when
      • I realize that there is no Truth when it comes to parenting. But as I am an attachment parent, it is helpful for me to read a wide variety of applicable literature that gives me a nice, big toolbox of discipline techniques (other than the quick, easy & short-sighted method of spanking) to pull out and use on my child, who rapidly outthinking many of the early-child ones.

        And although there may be conflicting studies done about breastfeeding, there is no doubt that it is definitely the best way to feed
        • So, you realize there is no Universal Truth for parenting all children. -no debate

          Don't believe in spanking as the method of choice- possiblities in there, but I don't hit my children either (outside of a couple of times in the eldest's youth when I was a bit less informed) so probably not much debate potential in there either.

          Breastfeeding is best-no debate (though we may have some fun issues if you are a Militant Breastfeeder against all odds no matter the cost sort)

          AP Parenting- Did a modified ve
          • Damn. How boring that we agree on everything.

            No worries. Now we can gang up on the ignorant and browbeat them into submission. :-D

            I am a fairly "militant" lactivist -- about defending a woman's right to breastfeeding, and lambasting the medical culture for giving out such horrible information and undermining women's efforts. I do believe that formula feeding is so harmful that it should be available by prescription only -- in an ideal world where no stigmas exist and where all women receive complete and

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