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Journal asparagus's Journal: Onward and upward... 4

The Believer.

15" AlBook = pure goodness. I did the math and decided that the price/size ratio on the 250GB hard drive made it the best buy. And then went and splurged on the 320. Whatever. Mine's bigger. ;-)

Going to enter my first film festival next week. Mostly finished cutting corn, staring planting next year's wheat crop. Good times.

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Onward and upward...

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  • I watched some a couple of months back, and enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. I am currently relegated to dialup (being between jobs), so it's difficult to watch them. Is there a URL where I could start a download and just leave it for a while? If not, I'll just wait until I start my new job.
    • if you got to my nifty php driven page [], you can download to your heart's content. I added some code for mpeg-4 last week, but due to a little bug in apple's quicktime code I don't have everything up in that format yet.

  • Got a URL for that entry? :)
    I've decided to return to university for film. Should be a lot of fun.

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