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Journal enigma48's Journal: Yikes, they really sneak up on ya don't they? 2

After JD's two-week old post in my journal (so much for that web message for journal replies) covering some of his expertise/experience teaching, I thought I'd just leave an option question for anyone who runs across this.

Even if you're not a teacher, EVERYONE has taught someone something. If you've seen Patch Adams (Great Robin Williams movie), you likely remember the interesting defense he used - every patient he treated had cared for someone else, so they were doctors too.

I'm horrible at being concise, so I'll try this: As a teacher, what have you done that worked? Or not worked?

I'd like to see everything - controlling a unruly class, getting that apathetic D- student interested in some subject material, anything goes.

PS: Does anyone get those web messages saying so-and-so replied to a journal?

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Yikes, they really sneak up on ya don't they?

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  • I get them. I have one account set up for web messages and one set up for e-mail.
    • Thanks for the info - I looked a little more carefully and there was a "only generate messages if post/reply score is greater than x" setting that was defaulting to 2. I have a +3 modifier for friends but I guess it was using the unmodified score. Changed it to 0, we'll see how it goes.

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