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Journal TrollBack's Journal: Trollback for September 2003 5

Fellow Assmasters,

Welcome to September 2003's Trollback!

That's right, trollback is actually on time this month, and with another great list as well. As will be expected by trollback's readers, rkz's repost of xprt's gem takes the cake this month. For the sake of completeness, trollback would like the URL to the original post on k5 posted in a comment in this journal. Thanks in advance.

Trollback is heartened to see it has made it to the mainstream. There must be something humourous to say to this, but trollback's comedy muse has failed to materialise.

Trollback had the suggestion to include this post in September trollback, as it apparently has something to do with the true story behind the *BSD trolls. Trollback would like more information about that post, and invites comment from the submitter.

Finally, some of the more prolific trolls are hard to keep up with, particularly those who post more than 24 comments inside of 3 days. Trollback can think of three ways around this:

  1. Trollback ceases to be lazy and leaving things to the last minute
  2. These same trolls emailing trollback their posts for consideration
  3. Someone purchasing trollback a subscription so we can see further back than the last 24 comments

The first option is unlikely to happen. Perhaps we may be able to get CMF funding?

The List

(5,17,64) Zeinfeld | Re:Rimshot
(-1,7,28) stratjakt | Amazing is an innapropriate adjective
(2,37,209) mao che minh | At the end of the day
(-1,9,36) mnmn | 64-benchmarks wont be good
(0,7,21) rkz | ATTN: Editors
(1,14,65) egg troll | A bad decision
(3,12,77) RobotWisdom | Fundamentalist materialism
(-1,3,7) Anonymous Coward | Re:Kubrick promised us the Monolith...
(2,19,246) ColdGrits | Re:I think
(-1,7,9) Sheetrock | Historical Notes.
(2,49,72) rkz | As a record store owner. (by xprt on k5)
(2,22,48) BsoF | crazy
(4,23,46) Amsterdam Vallon | Most ISPs have blocked it
(0,18,47) Syberghost | Deathtraps
(5,19,93) rkz | Hi.
(-1,20,38) Amsterdam Vallon | I wouldn't buy the Athlon anyway
(-1,10,62) Amsterdam Vallon | Why buys Macs?
(1,13,23) Krapangor | This is not o.k.
(3,11,52) Amsterdam Vallon | Nope
(3,11,32) Amsterdam Vallon | I blame colleges
(4,18,38) Amsterdam Vallon | Application programming is a dying paradigm
(4,14,111) Amsterdam Vallon | Groundbreaking suggestion
(1,14,48) Tirel | deceit
(4,22,266) mao che minh | You got sued, yay!
(1,11,14) rkz | Also quite annoying
(1,13,43) rkz | Re:Mo Money! Mo Money! Mo Money!
(-1,10,28) rkz | Sorry but you leftist bastards piss me off.
(-1,24,41) Krapangor | I doubt that they will match the Matrix.
(-1,13,27) Anonymous Coward | I HATE MAC'S
(-1,5,29) Anonymous Coward | Why?
(2,18,34) BsoF | stupid
(0,11,21) Krapangor | Why Slackware ?
(1,12,23) Krapangor | This is a misguided invention.
(-1,8,8) Krapangor | What I don't understand.
(5,10,26) Sheetrock | Another interesting fact:

Honourable Mentions

  • egg troll reminds over-excited slashdot readers the realities of tall structures in this post 11/9 world.
  • rkz shows what slashdotters think of piracy when it happens to a linux company.

That's it for this month!

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Trollback for September 2003

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