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Journal intermodal's Journal: A Future Without Email 2

As perhaps the least secure system in common use today, I've been wondering for about a decade what would replace email. I don't like it, I use it only for automated forms, and I generally think it needs to be superseded. All the efforts to extend or somehow "fix" the system end up optional and thus mostly useless, between the insecure infrastructure making spam extremely easy to send and the lack of compulsory encryption (which would have the advantage of ensuring its support by default in clients/interfaces). It seems like the only way to fix it is a fully incompatible replacement, with the unfortunate likelihood that some form of bridging would end up existing even then, opening up any new system to the problems of the old.

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A Future Without Email

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  • The problem with succeeding it is A) it works B) it accounts for a large portion of the internet traffic (probably more than even social media). It needs to be replaced, as does DNS (the other insecure system left) with newer better protocols, but its a large task. Bigger at this point than writing the first UUCP mail systems that morphed into today's cloud based email systems.

    • Agreed. At this point, I kind of feel like anything malware and spambot creators do to flood the system is a good thing if it helps push people towards solutions.

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