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Engaged to be Married!

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  • This is good news. I wish you the best. You're on my friends list so I got a notification in email and happened to check your jounal. Kind of funny, this electronic age we live in. I've been married 6 years now. It was a decision I did not make lightly. I've experienced ups & downs of huge levels. I wouldn't get rid of either. I hope you can find happiness like I did
    • Thanks!

      Actually I met her on match.com.... I was tired of wasting tens (if not hundreds) of dollars on go-nowhere dates, bars, movies, etc. So, I geeked-out and came up with a plan to reach the highest # of women where I could immediately judge them. So, I went on that site, once a week (saturday mornings), I would gather a list of 20+ women. Sunday morning I would compose e-mails to all of them, and then just play off each one, looking for the perfect one. During the course of the week, I would manage
      • Wow. You CAN meet your mate through the internet eh? :)

        I'll share mine.

        I was a young punk who was chasing a married woman (well actually involved with her also). She was breaking my heart and treating me like all really bad girls would. I actually chased her all the way across the country. She was the last in a long string of bad girls.

        I was doing consulting and at the first customer I went to in my new town I met my then to be wife. I just remember first seeing her coming out of the server room

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