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Journal Lieutenant_Dan's Journal: Apathy in Generation Y 2

I sometimes lie awake at night for hours pondering about the future. What will the future bring? It scares me that the sniveling little runts that roam the streets today will be in power one day, just as I'm learning to play cribbage down in Florida. But then again, I'm sure that's what the silver generation is thinking about me as well when I'm sipping on my bottled water.

There are some glimmers of hope of course; I'm thinking of that cute girl that kept bumping into me on the D-train on my way to a client meeting. Maybe she was looking for a cheap thrill, or she was intellectually attracted to me.

In other good news, my friends at the lumber yard have a reason to celebrate. US customs will be easing the import of Canadian soft lumber. It's about time, since our neighbors to the north do have better lumber than we do and in much greater quantity.

I also find that I've been targeted by the so-called moderators. Anything I post now, gets modded down. That's okay, because I'm still an avid (daily) meta-moderator and it appears that I will have the last laugh.

That's it for today. Keep it Open Source!

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Apathy in Generation Y

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