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Journal zsau's Journal: The day that wasn't the first day of school

Well, guess what. After checking our last years' school calendar and talking to a friend, I decided today was the first day of school. I wake up at 6.30a.m., earlier than I had in nearly two months! I have brekky and a quick shower. I realise I'm going to be late for school. I convince Mum to drive me to the station, rather than taking the bus, so I'm not late. I get to school, and there's only Year 9s. Apparently, they forgot to clearly tell us that school didn't start until 31 January to the Year 12s! Fortunately, I wasn't the only one. I came across Patrick while still at school, and as we headed back to the station we kept collecting people. It was quite funny, seeing the looks on other people's faces, with them incapable of laughing at themselves. So it seems that MHS is even less well organised than I thought it was...

So I get home and go to where else but Whirlpool Forums and find, much to my disgust, that Wireplay will no longer be putting up new ISOs. Fortunately, however, they'd put up XFree864.2, so I wasn't completely unhappy and now have the latest version of my guying system. Not, of course, that Panu cares.

While mindlessly posting at Whirlpool Forums, I discovered that I'd probably downloaded about 5.6GB this month. Eat that Telstra! You shove on a cap, and I start becoming a heavy user! MUAHAHAHA

The Leopard actually doesn't have a plot. Don't ask me why it's such a good book when you consider this.

Oh well, school tomorrow. Today is a good day to die.

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The day that wasn't the first day of school

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