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Journal Uttles's Journal: More Slashdot Censorship 1

2002-01-22 15:21:59 Friend or Foe - Stay or Go? (askslashdot,slashdot) (rejected)

Once again, when you ask Slashdot a question that may have criticism of their site in it, they strike you right down. Damn Linux Geeks give normal computer nerds a bad name. All I wanted was a discussion by slashdot readers about their experiences with the Friend or Foe system. Guess that's too much to ask.
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  • It seems to me that you are close to get what you want, a discussion about the friend-foe system. I would ask you to make two things:

    -put this journal on your sig. so more people can get here and share their thoughts.

    -post your own experiences.

    As for me, I really didn't like the idea to mark somebody as "Foe" (or be marked like foe myself) and possibly censor his opinions. What's the use of a public forum if you don't allow yourself to read opinions different from yours?

    Then I started reading Journals. I find a lot of noise (Journals with "Hello world" and personal diaries that I don't find interesting). But sometimes there are well written, interesting articles. I mark those ase "friends" so I can see their journals more easily.

    So you are a friend now, just don't expect to gain karma for this.

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