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Journal Uttles's Journal: how to recruit in 2004 1

Location: Sometimes people from CA will say location is their priority, and they really like my location in Boone, NC (I started a dynasty with Appalachian State - replaced Vandy). So, that makes no sense. However, a lot of the time (when I was first starting up) I would recruit mostly in-state kids and use location as my pitch, and about half of them would say that was a big draw. So, use location if they're in state (or maybe adjacent state) when you first start recruiting them.

Playing Time: If you are shallow at a position use playing time as your first pitch. That usually draws them, but sometimes a guy will say he doesn't care about playing time, even if you have nobody at that position. It's odd. I've also had 5 WRs and recruited one for 3 weeks with everything BUT PT, yet on week 4 I put playing time and he said "he was excited about the chance to play early". That made no sense either.

Prestige: If you've built up a good team and have a star rating of 4 or above, and you don't have any other obvious draw to a kid, use Prestige.

Coaching Style: If you're trying to get a WR and you pass the ball all the time, but you already have WR's, try coaching style, maybe. Actually, coaching style is what I use if I don't think anything else fits. It hardly ever excites the recruits. In fact, the last time I recruited I had two OL say they liked the coaching style (after I tried prestige and location) and that was it.

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how to recruit in 2004

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