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The Almighty Buck

Journal yoder's Journal: It's the economy, stupid!

I work for a regional telecom company so I am acutely aware that sometimes I bite the hand that feeds me. That does not, however, change the fact that watching state and federal representatives fall all over themselves in a rush to give out more cash to corporations is sickening. My state (Minnesota) is usually a moderate to slightly left leaning state, but recently there was a backlash after Jesse Ventura and we are now in the grip of a Republican governor as well as House. Like just about every other state in the country right now we have a deficit that needs to be balanced. Minnesota has a high standard of living and a strong upper class which has raked it in hand over fist during the good times. Now, our governor is saying that during the bad times the rich and the corporations need to be protected from this hardship. Tax cuts to the rich and tax incentives to corporations are being coupled with massive cuts to higher education, lower education, the arts, and more than anything else support for the elderly and poor. These freaks then -straight faced- say "Everyone must sacrifice during these trying times." The local republicans are in lock step behind Jr. and the White House mafia, feeling all but invincible and hoping for another "tragedy" to occur so they can ride that wave of violent jingoism through the next elections. This country is capable of being a good world leader and a good example to others. We are not even trying to be that now. We are too busy making money at any cost, no matter who gets screwed in the process.

Yay team............

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It's the economy, stupid!

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