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Journal zsau's Journal: Grrr 1

If I had a working CD-rom drive, I'd be spending now re-doing my Linux installation with the intention of getting two things to work: GNUstep and the nVidia drivers for my nVidia video card.

Medea is just plain evil. She should've died at the end. There is no justice, is there? Sure, Jason wasn't faithful, sure Euripedes was a feminist, but that's not the way ancient plays are supposed to work! Baddies are supposed to die, not get away with everything, even when they are the main character. I guess I was predicting it though... Onto the next one, I guess...

Three days until the MSFC again. This is both good and bad, mainly bad I think though... it means school soon. ARGH, how will I cope with year 12!? ENTER of 70, here I come! That is, of course, assuming I perform at least as well in my subjects this year as I did in Revolutions last year.

Other things that occur to me about this year is that I turn eighteen... I can drink, drive and vote. Of course, I can't vote till the next election and I'm already enrolled so that last one doesn't make a difference. I've had the oppertunity to drink a number of times in the past and haven't taken them, so why will I suddenly—but I will be able to buy alcohol, and I haven't done much in the way of practising driving so I don't see how I could suddenly get my licence the very second I turned eighteen. But it's the thought that counts! Scared of things happening half a year and a year away...

Work today wasn't the best. I turned up, made a few mistakes, and wish I never went. Ah well, life's like that.

I've also added a link to this page in the homepage part of Whirlpool, so maybe people will start to read it. I could also post a post to slashdot so that people could see I'd done it I guess, but that could be asking too much...

And I did have another post to post yesterday but because of a bug in Opera 6.0 TP2 for Linux, I made a mistake. When will they finish this damn piece of software?? (One of the things in the post I didn't post was that Mozilla runs slow as a dog for me.)

That's all for now...


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