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Journal nanojath's Journal: Nothing and Beingness

The three thousand gods and the thousands religions that serve them, the neoconservatives, the deep ecologists, the panarmaggedonists, the pole shift watchers, the alien presence seekers, the the illuminati hunters, the kung fu masters, the cthonic interpreters, the anubian appraisers, oh Lord, the eight thousand lights lining the path of illusion.

Everybody has an answer but me. See it, day in, day out, and okay, looking at what I've had to say, over the years, I have to admit that appearances can be deceiving. It certainly LOOKS as if I believe I have an answer. But I don't, honestly. Have and answer OR believe I do.

Liste: I have experienced the obsession with the number Five, I know how one becomes enmeshed in these "Unification Theories." I have studied science and Scripture, I still study science and I still study scripture. But I don't have an answer.

I don't have an answer for politics. You wanna know the secret of politics? It's so easy to point at what's wrong. 99.997 percent of the work of the politician is establishing a connection between your opponent and the wrong thing you are pointing at. The other .003 is spent actually trying to fix the problem and avoiding financial and sexual scandals. Listen if you have ears, and you will hear it. Spot the problem, connect it to your opponent. People, in the final analysis, are mainly pragmatic. They don't expect the problems to be solved. Nobody expects the drug problem to be solved, for example. We all know the War on Drugs will continue to draw on public coffers for as long as the laws are on the books. We all know there will never be world peace, that people will starve for no good reason, that temporary and permanent crazies will crack without warning and kill a few of us. No solution, but you might as well be right and have someone wrong to blame it on, so your are a conservative and I am a liberal or you are a communist and I am a libertarian or you are a monarchist and I am an anarchist. Bigendians and Little'uns, conflict, not progress, is the purpose of politics.

Bold pronouncements, bah, and who cares, in the end. The internet has made it far too easy to slop words into the world, but I rest content in the relative obscurity, the faith that they will remain, in the main, unread.

Further, desponent sayeth not

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Nothing and Beingness

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