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The Courts

Journal geeklawyer's Journal: the SCO circus

It is so frustrating to be on the outside of litigation. I'd love to get my hands on the case file for this. All we get are snippets of this and that; 'he said she said'. People expect me to have a view but all I can do is talk in generalities.
As for the SCO paralegal finding the copyright contract amendment - weeeellll wasnt that convenient! forgery. nah, doubt it no resoponsible company would be that dumb. But sometimes you cant believe how unlucky you'll get. Its not pivotal to this case at all at the moment - but it could become so.
What pisses me off is that so many people fuss about ripped of code. Yes I'd bet big bucks there is infringing code in linux somewhere regardless of the SCO stuff but it happens all over the place in commercial code. There the absence of source makes it hard to find and if anyone gets ripped off it is FOSS.
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the SCO circus

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