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Journal Bowling Moses's Journal: Letter I sent to PBS 3

To whom it may concern at PBS,

I am deeply concerned about the video "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" currently available for sale on your website. This video, according to its publisher Focus on the Family on its website "This compelling scientific documentary for adults and students advances a powerful idea: the THEORY OF INTELLIGENT DESIGN. Using state-of-the-art computer animation, YOU WILL SEE THE UNMISTAKABLE HALLMARKS OF DESIGN AND THE CREATOR'S SKILL WITHING OUR VERY CELLS. [emphasis mine]" I am stunned that a reputable source for programming representing the mainstream views of established scientific fields would be selling such a product. According to leading academic and educational organizations such as the National Academy of Sciences and the National Center for Science Education, and also according to our courts of law, neither "Intelligent Design" nor "Scientific" Creationism is science but instead is religion. PBS' own FAQ on evolution states that "No research supporting the claims of intelligent design has ever been published in any recognized, professional, peer-reviewed scientific journal. Finally, the question of whether there is an intelligent designer is untestable using the methods of science, and therefore is not a scientific claim."

Surely it is not the intent of PBS to mislead their viewers by endorsing this product and the situation will be corrected soon. If this video does in fact represent the current views of PBS, then it is in my eyes no longer a trustworthy source for science programming, and I will neither continue to watch nor donate money to PBS.
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Letter I sent to PBS

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  • As a card-carrying skeptic, I thank you for pointing this out and will write my own letter tonight. Had i seen it, i would have done the same. And have you sent a note about it to the Skeptics online dictionary, or a similar site, so that they can put the word out too?


    • No, I haven't sent anything to anyone else about it yet, other than I did put it up on the bulletin board next to the molecular biology office on my campus. I heard about it yesterday when I was browsing talk.origins so I'm sure its already been picked up by various pro-science groups all over the place. But I suppose a couple more quick letters wouldn't hurt. :)
  • by pyr0 ( 120990 )
    This is the kind of stuff that *really* irritates me. The sad thing is the average "Joe citizen" will take anything a show like this says for truth since it comes from PBS, which as you mentioned in your journal letter, has been "reputable source for programming" over the years.

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