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Journal pvera's Journal: One week with the Powerbook G4

While reading Will Weaton's journal entry on why he quit G4 I realized I have had my 15" Powerbook G4 for a whole week.

Few things in my mind:

1. Very hard to feel the weight difference between this Ti Book and my former iBook.
2. I have to take off my watch if I want to type, it just bangs the wrist rest and I don't want to scratch it.
3. I am baffled by the speed. This thing is just amazing (mine is only a 867 with 512MB ram).
4. Virtual PC 6 with Windows 2000 Professional runs as good as on a real PC. XP Pro on the same Virtual PC 6 runs like crap.
5. The keyboard marks on the screen are really pissing me off, so I have to buy a protective cover for it.
6. The black iSkin SUCKS. The texture is different from the white one I use on the iBook, and it kills the tactile feedback.
7. DVD playback is beautiful, but because of the native resolution it does not look as sharp in full screen.
8. Dreamweaver MX runs only marginally better than on the iBook. I guess it wants more RAM.
9. The speakers are marginally better, a non-issue since I am on earphones 99% of the time I am using the laptop.
10. The laptop sleeve I bought from Timbuk2.com fits like a goddamn condom. It is very VERY nice.
11. No paint chipping yet, but I guess its only a matter of time before I bang it against something.
12. Wireless reception is nowhere as good as with the iBook but at least works.
13. Back to the keyboard: it is a million times better than the shitty keyboard in the iBook. Very nice, I still freak out about getting it dirty but otherwise I love it.
14. I have mixed feelings about the door that covers the ports when not in use.
15. I got too used to the Kensington lock slot being on the left side of the iBook, so now I have to re-train myself.
16. Nice that it uses the same kind of power adapter as the ibook, that gives me an emergency spare if something happens.

Overall, I love it. Very nice machine. I especially love the looks of hatred and scorn whenever I sit by a guy using a beat up windows pc.

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One week with the Powerbook G4

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