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Journal pngwen's Journal: Back from the gathering, tired and rarin' to go!

Well I'm back from the gathering. Actually I got back about 7:00 last night. The gathering was a lot of fun, even if they did omit my favorite event... the bardic circle. I had some doozies of songs to sing, but alas, perhaps next beltaine :-)

The gathering was rather tiring, but there was a wonderful enactment of one of the stories of Queen Maeve, that was very nice. Also, Erin (my fiance) and I had a lot of beltaine fun if you know what I mean *wink*wink* The conversation was good as always and the vendors were tempting.

One interesting experience was my arrival. I had been tracking a storm all the way through Georgia on my HAM radio (I'm KG4TTI on there btw). Well when I got to the gather site it had just started to rain a little and then we heard the tornado sirens. The rain picked up a lot and the winds got violent and I saw some minor rotation. I ran to the kitchen while Erin found a safe spot for the car. At the kitchen I stayed with the gathering coordinator, acting as a go between for her and the weather net. Nothing came through our area, but one tornado missed us by a mere 10 miles (it was the source of all that rain and the dime sized hail I was pelted with) So that was an interesting experience, it is the first time I was hastilly pressed into emergency communications service.

Work is going pretty well. My new project is beginning to come into its own. Today I finished the most complex searches for the site. After that it's all simple mining based on indexed fields and accounting.

Actually the accounting is going to be a bit more of a pickle, I'm not much of an accountant. I've purchased a college text book on the subject and am learning it now. Soon I'll be able to perform simple accounting tasks myself, and will therefore be able to write a program to do the same. Understand the problem before setting out, that's what I always say!

Well it's getting late, I guess I'd better head on to bed. Tomorrow is another day of hacking.

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Back from the gathering, tired and rarin' to go!

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