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Journal stoolpigeon's Journal: F18 - Nouveau Drivers - Firefox 2

I wrote earlier about how everything worked so well with my new multi-monitor setup. Then I started noticing issues. The title bar on windows would get borked up. Right click menus would start to look wierd. I tried loading the Nvidia drivers- they would cause the system to lock up and crash. I went back to nouveau but had issues still. Especially if I started up Firefox. The article on the front page today had a link to Eric Schmidt's daughter's write up on their trip to North Korea. Just going to that page would blow up Firefox. Then when I closed Firefox everything else would go wonky.

I messed with it a lot today and then did something I should have done right away. I went into my settings for KDE, started poking around and turning off all the desktop effects stuff. I want to cautiously say that I think this is the ticket. I'll keep working tomorrow and see if anything goes askew. This is really annoying. I have zero problems with intel stuff - but (and I don't know a lot about this stuff) if you want to run multiple monitors off a desktop machine then that means nvidia or ati and both seem to have their share of problems. I think I'm o.k. now but I should be able to load decent, open drivers that will just work. They don't have to be the greatest - just give me some stable basic functionality.

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F18 - Nouveau Drivers - Firefox

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  • Not a surprise. Schmidt's daughter's page was horrific on many levels. I think every time you visit it, God kills a kitten.

    • My other browsers can handle it. In firefox I'm lucky if 20% is legible. My favorite was when the entire page was covered in the Amarok logo tiled over it, top to bottom. And by top to bottom I'm including the bookmark bar, the edge of the window itself, etc.

      The crazy thing was to have Chrome open on some other page on the first monitor, then to open her page in Firefox and watch Firefox blow up. Then when I closed Firefox, Chrome would get trashed and the page it was displaying as well as all the ui elemen

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