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Journal stoolpigeon's Journal: First Fedora 18 Post

Downloaded Fedora 18 yesterday and installed it on my Acer desktop. Everything is pretty sweet.

And all that messing about with the video card that I couldn't get to fit in the case? Yesterday I was looking for a usb cable at home and found a video card in my desk that I had totally forgotten about. Looked at it and thought, "I bet this will fit in there if I put the low profile plate on the end and slide the VGA port down to the other slot opening. It did! So I bought a $40 video card for the little short metal plates that came with it. Well - my partner here in the office is building out a new system so I gave the card to him. He'll make good use of it.

So I'm up and running a new os - with both monitors -- which I have to say just worked. So sweet.

I've got more space on my desk now - which I like and I think this will actually help my work flow a bit by simplifying things. 1 machine to work on - 1 machine for email and junk.

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First Fedora 18 Post

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