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Journal biglig2's Journal: Back to the StinkPad

Well, I have seen XP and I don't like it. Some bits are visiually pleasing (The background fading to grayscale while waiting for shutdown is excellent) but I've only got 190Mb in my laptop.

Soooooo... can Linux deliver?

Thinkpad 600. Thomas Hood's excellent page is a wonderful resource. Surely my simple needs for this box can be met?

Connect to networks via a Psion Dacom Ethernet+Modem (OK) or via the ThinkPad Modem + a D-Link DFE-680TXD (Great!)
Play MP3s
Dial an ISP very occasionally
Access my SMB network so i can download the MP3s
rdesktop to access my terminal server
quick and dirty, console based POP mail reader.

And that's about that. A browser, a spreadsheet, and some sort of Word Processor (LaTeX would do) would be nice bonuses.

Where ahs it gone wrong before? Sound. Never got that working. Something I suspect to do with the fact that the BIOS on a Stinkpad is configured in software. The D-Link can be made to work (does in Mandrake) but I have to configure it to use the tulip_cs driver. Which is complicated. Once I get these sorted I can work on the various thinkpad specific things like APM and the onboard modem.

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