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Journal stoolpigeon's Journal: Mobile Chrome Search Engines

Here's something funny - I like using Chrome on my Android phone. Which makes sense - google OS, google browser. But when I do use it for search I have 3 choices for search engine and I can't find any way to add another choice. Here are my choices: bing, yahoo and The google engine is of course the default and would be my personal preference but it isn't a choice and I can't seem to add it. I can add it to the search widget - but once I'm actually in chrome, if I search and use google I get my results in Hungarian. I've done some initial research and haven't found a way to change this behavior yet.

And while I'm here - I don't like the keyboard that comes stock on the S3. Not sure what they did - I had to go outside the market and get the swype beta to get back to the keyboard that I loved from my galaxy s.

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Mobile Chrome Search Engines

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