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Journal tqft's Journal: Almost 8

Got a submission accepted and almost got first post on it.

Unemployment sucks btw.

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  • Maybe I find a match.

  • Well, short time unemployment... like a "big vacation"... you know... Never really been unemployed in my whole life.
    • by tqft ( 619476 )

      You can do all the vacation type things that don't involve much money.

      Today I went out and bought wedding anniversary presents and almost felt guilty about buying coffee while I was out. But coffee when I am out 3 times a week is my main source of calcium so over that.

      Can't really go away when you are looking for a job.

      Can't turn off the phone if you are waiting to be called back.

      Check emails.

      Get rejected a lot applying for jobs. Then some more. Wade through the ignorance and stupidity of recruiters if y

      • Well, I have plenty of side projects I started and never finished. Simply due to lack of time. I've got oodles of hardware to toy around with. Sure, it's all not new, but I don't need to buy anything for entertainment.

        Now stuff like food and the fact that I have a mortgage, may be the things that make it less fun. That said, if I'd lose my job (not quit, obviously), I'm in for 80% of my last salary for one year. After that you're on your own. The idea being that one year should be enough for a willing

        • by tqft ( 619476 )

          Yeah that age thing sucks I know.

          Haven't even bothered to sign up for unemployment benefits yet as the rigmarole isn't worth it for what I would get.

          Time better spent looking for a job.

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