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Journal stoolpigeon's Journal: More on T-Mobile and My New Samsung Galaxy S III 3

I finally got the unlock code for my phone. This made me very happy. It should not have been as hard as it was but T-Mobile provided it after the second fax.

It's funny, every time I buy new stuff I always end up getting some unexpected education out of it. Here's what I learned today. The Galaxy S III does not present itself as a mass storage device via USB, it uses MTP. This has been mildly problematic. My Fedora machines were not prepared to deal with this. I've gotten things working but in a less than ideal manner. Something about the way KDE tries to automount it, or how it sees it as a camera OR - something with Samsung's MTP implementation is wacky.

What I have to do is plug in the phone in and then immediately mount it with mtpfs from the command line. If I wait too long it wont work. A little cheesy - but it will do until things catch up. There is a pymtp package in the repos - but I don't think it is supported any more. If it were I might play with it and see what I could do. Though I think things will get to a point where I just plug it in and it shows up properly in dolphin.

I do think it is odd that Google wrote an MTP browser for Apple machines but don't provide anything for linux. Samsung of course suggest using Kies - which is also only available on Win/Mac and a horrible little program anyway.

edit - fixed where I typed 'camera' instead of 'phone' on accident.

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More on T-Mobile and My New Samsung Galaxy S III

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  • I have an Ubuntu 12.04 and a Debian wheezy setup - trying to get my external drive caddy to work.
    It did previously and had no idea what was going on. I saw something in the logs about mtp but had no idea what it was about.

    "What I have to do is plug the camera in and then immediately mount it with mtpfs from the command line. If I wait too long it wont work."
    This resembles my current problem.

    I now have a clue to work on.


    • That's funny - I plug in the phone - not camera. If I let the system just pick it up Dolphin shows it as a camera and says its a PTP device. I've also since discovered even that is not really working properly.

      Linux MTP support looks to be spotty at best - which is a bummer. It works flawlessly on my Windows machine, though I guess that makes sense - it being their protocol and all. I was digging around the Linux subreddit and it looks like a lot of people there just use a windows machine for their newer And

      • by tqft ( 619476 )

        Before this goes off and i can't comment anymore. Still haven't got it to work but just applied some updates & need to restart anyway so will check again.
        Thanks. Adding the MTP tools did get the hardware recognised, now trying to remember if I wiped the 2 x 500 GB and is possible the 1Tb disk is dead anyway. S it might all be working but no way to prove it.

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