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Journal blue trane's Journal: Dream

I just woke from a dream. I was with three other guys, we were playing at various things. There was sex-play, which after waking up bothers me because of the homosexual nature of it. But anyway, in the dream we were horsing around. Two went off someplace. The third was located among some bushes in rocky soil. I was curious and went to where this guy was. In the dream, I liked this guy, felt comfortable around him, didn't feel awkward getting physically close to him.

He was engaged in doing something to what seemed like a rock, a small boulder, close to a foot in length it looked like. What was he doing? Playing with it? Trying to break it apart? He was concentrating on it, doing something to it with his hands, holding it at the same time.

Somehow my attention became directed to lower ground, a few hundred feet away, where there was a car - our car, it was clear to me - surrounded by figures in white with white hoods (possibly turbans? Day residue: Sikhs were in the news, victims of an armed attack, so I'd seen video of men wearing white turbans the day before...).

It was unclear what they were doing. The car they were surrounding was our car. Did they think we were in it?

Then I woke up. After waking up, the thought occurred: the guy I was with, that I thought was fiddling with a rock, was about to blow up the car. He had laid an ambush and was going to kill the people who wanted to attack us. The rock was some kind of detonator.

In the dream, I hadn't had this thought. It was only after I was awake that it came into my consciousness.

How did my brain construct that dream? How was my character in the dream unaware of the trick, the ambush being laid for the attackers? Who was my character in the dream, was it my conscious brain? Was my unconscious telling the story, letting my dream character go along not realizing what was really happening?

Or was my post-dream realization that a trap was being laid, an ex-post-facto explanation, some kind of conscious attempt to rationalize the nonsensical events of the dream...

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