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Journal __aawavt7683's Journal: Jobs welcome

I'm interested in relocating toward a coast, or another country. Make me a fun offer, and we can talk.

My current job is head of programming/IT at a small computer manufacturer, where I manage everything from Windows Server to our phones (Asterisk) and everything in between: in-house webapps, company-wide backups, new computer auto installation scripting, coding for financial market manipulation, running wire through old buildings, consulting for a consumer router, and so it goes. If something needs to be done, I do it. My informal titles: IT Juggernaut, Manager: special projects. My official title: IT Manager.

My primary OS has been Gentoo Linux since 2002. I use OpenBox with FBPanel, keep two xterms open (one on each side of the screen, one with GNU screen, one not). I code for fun (C is preferred, C++, Java, VB, PHP, gameboy advance ARM7TDMI among others have been projects), scripting primarily (perl, lots of BASH, and whatever else is required to get the job done). I have extensive network knowledge (running about 4 subnets for internal networks at home -- hey, it's a hobby, fun, informative, and useful), a significant amount of experience with web-based security (having identified one escaping/AES encryption bug leading to an SQL injection in an online shopping cart -- admin access, and one payment processing bug that allows marking unpaid orders as paid).

Anyway, bullet points:
- Programming (in-depth I was 14 years old -- it's ingrained):
- Java
- C/C++
- perl
- VB6
- CSharp (for NinjaTrader)
- EasyLanguage (for Tradestation)

- Networking
- Experience with subnetting, routes
- IPSec VPNs
- security

- Operating systems
- Windows client and server OS's, configuration and management
- WSUS, IIS, domain administration
- Gentoo/Ubuntu/other linux configuration
- Init script writing
- Command-line HAPPY!
- DHCP, routing for home networking
- ftp, apache, etc for hosting as needed in projects

- IT
- Laser printer maintenance, repair (give me a service manual)
- local network backups and management (particularly BackupPC, with extensive customization)
- experience with VBA macro programming to generate graphic reports
- Asterisk management, 20 client phones, half a day downtime in three years
- I have been verbally complimented on my network's uptime over the last five years, with high speed cable primary, failover to T1 (primarily to keep the phones connected, even during power outtages)

- Freshman-level Electrical Engineering Technology courses

Basically, my experience is very broad and fairly deep. I'm an IT juggernaut that can, and has, made every element of IT for a small business work by myself. At home, I prefer to do things myself because I simply enjoy learning the workings and underpinnings of the things I do and use. I thoroughly enjoy the things that I do, and much of the work I perform draws on the experience that I've gained performing similar work as a hobby. I am truly interested in all that I do, so you can be absolutely sure I'm better than that guy who just wants to do what's required for his job and get outta there. I strive for _good_ (long-term) solutions, and I will knock heads around a little bit if I repeatedly see quick hacks.

Other hobbies:
- working with my hands, some mechanical endeavors
- Electronics repair (in a former job, I fixed a 1500W commercial audio amp -- but didn't have the equipment to calibrate it. In hobby, I've fixed my own amplifier, computer motherboards, various solder jobs on notebooks, etc, LCD power supply repair, and so on)
- Security.. locks, combination locks, bike locks (pull it taught -- one of the numbers should be hardest to turn. Rotate it until it clicks into place. A different number will be hard to rotate. Repeat. Lock opens.) Security in the physical world, security in the computer world.
- Having quality things. I strive for quality in the things that I do and have, I try to be healthy, and I try to enjoy what I can. This reflects in all aspects of my life, I hope.
- I've taken a burgeoning programmer under my wing and assisted and guided him in best practices, and best technologies, for projects. He was very capable, and can do a great deal -- I believe my input kept his path with fewer tried-and-failed approaches to problems (while still leaving him with the experience of learning why such approaches won't work, and why the better approaches are better).

I'm interested in moving to a more populus city, preferably someplace on the coast (California, Boston, Florida), and not a red state (Republican). I'd like to go to another country, especially Sweden. I say these things, but I'm open as to where -- after nine years in the same small town, I need a change, to go someplace to gain more personal freedom. I have an awesome, amazing job, but it's not enough to complete my life -- I'm just at a dead end in my efforts to build myself up. I need to live somewhere else.

Can ya make that happen? Can you put me to use, building something, making something? I've rejected jobs of converting things -- gather data, generate reports. In the end, I wasn't doing anything. Building computers is _something_ that betters people's lives. Programming to make all the business systems work automates the tasks a human would have to mundanely do. Manipulating the stock market.. is blah. I don't like it very much. I do like the programming, however, and I may continue to amass a small fortune.. but it will not be satisfying.

Give me something to do. I crave to advance this world. I would love automation, especially robotics. Things that make it so that _people_ do not have to engage in mundane tasks.

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Jobs welcome

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