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Journal Luke727's Journal: I love it when a movie pleasantly surprises me.

I've had Beautiful Boy in my Netflix queue forever; finally got it this weekend and gave it a watch. I knew nothing about it other than the main cast and the description on Netflix. Even before I saw the film it was off to a good start; for my money Maria Bello is one of the most beautiful women in the world (suck it, Angelina Jolie). Then as the movie progresses who has a small role? Not only Alan Tudyk, but also Moon Bloodgood; phenomenal. The cherry on top? The very minor role of hotel manager is played by Meatloaf. My God, it's full of win. The acting all around is superb and the story is moving if perhaps a bit cliche at times. Why can't more movies be like this? Last time a movie got me like this it was Trucker (Nathan Fillion + Michelle Monaghan for the win), coincidentally another small independent film.

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I love it when a movie pleasantly surprises me.

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