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Journal mandelbr0t's Journal: The Fall lineup is here...and so are the MAFIAA

The CBS fall lineup is in full swing, beginning last night with the season premiere of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Once again, CBS is resorting to dirty tactics to ensure that they maintain absolute distribution control (bwhahahaha). Never mind that Netflix was popular and a good platform to make some money. I guess we all now rely on forward thinkers like EZTV and Icefilms to provide what the commercial services will not. Netflix and all of the television studios can rot in hell. I'm willing to pay for my television like anyone else, but these huge outfits with tons of money would rather spend it forcing people to use their distribution channels instead of providing what people want and increasing their market share. FUCK THE MAFIAA.

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The Fall lineup is here...and so are the MAFIAA

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