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ORM is an anti-pattern

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  • It fails to match criterion #1 "It initially appears to be beneficial, but in the long term has more bad consequences than good ones".

    I tried this test:

    Me: "What do you think about DRM?"
    X: "DRM is bad, Sony rootkit, the Mafia from the RIAA, the BSA software licensing, violation of my rights, they should go to jail yadda yadda yadda".
    Me: "How do you feel about your privacy online?"
    X: "Nobody should be able to track me online, I should be able to delete all my information or make it private, employe

    • I misread the title - but the argument is still flawed. SQL is fugly, but that's the nature of the beast. ORM isn't necessarily any worse - or better - but throwing ruby into the mix ... well, there's a reason ruby use is declining [tiobe.com]. Okay, there are multiple reasons ruby is in decline ...

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