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Journal forged's Journal: Certifications ? 12

So, which certification(s) do you have ? Are you damn proud of it ?
  • A. Adobe
  • B. Cisco
  • C. Compaq
  • D. IBM
  • E. Juniper
  • F. Microsoft
  • G. Novell
  • H. Oracle
  • I. Red Hat
  • J. SANS Institute
  • K. Sun Microsystems
  • Other (details ?)
  • None (Too good to bother / I don't work in the Tech Industry)

I deliberately left the actual certification titles off because there are way too many to list here, and because the level can vary widely. But feel free to brag if you like 8*)

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Certifications ?

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  • Almost went for Oracle once. In fact, just got the latest 'Oracle University' curriculum with this month's Oracle Magazine. Anyway, I almost went, but they changed it when I was half through. That pretty much ended there.

    And, well, I guess I could brag...
    Just built something like 3 tools for our firm in Lotus/Domino even though I knew no LotusScript or Domino configurations before January.
    In fact, I think I just nailed down security.
    Yes. I know. It's Domino. Nothing fancy like Java or Oracle.
    But it d
  • Other:

    Rotary Wing Pilot (Commercial and Instrument), Army Aviator, NBC Instructor, Tank Crewman, Tank Turret Mechanic.

    Yes, quite proud of them all ;-)
  • Yep, I'm a heathen.

    MCSE and CCNP..sorta. Got a couple of tests to go.

    Also going for cisco's AVVID cert...the name escapes me right now.
  • Too damn legacy, to boot!

    I have some sort of "MekkaB is down with Devices Drivers on AIX" piece of paper, but they don't make a certification for Code-Whore nor Bit-Badass.

  • And furthermore, if I ever make it back to a position where I have influcent in the hiring process I will deduct points for those who think they can use certifications in place of something. It does not count for any time of experience with a product, it does not count as college education, it does not count as an really high expertise level.

    It means you paid some money and after enough tries you passed a test. Judging by the number of motorists I see, that process does not always produce skilled people.
  • i don't have any of those, but most of my friends say i'm a very nice person. they're probably biased, but it's good enough for me.
  • by ncc74656 ( 45571 )
    I snagged a CNS once (not CNE) was a matter of reading some PDFs and filling in some webforms. Aside from a free copy or two of NetWare 5, I ended up not getting much more out of it. Most of our customer sites ran NT 4; I think there was only one new NetWare install that I know of, and it was a newer version on newer hardware replacing an ancient version on about-to-break-down hardware.
  • MS and Novell. Paid for by various employers cause they needed one certified. I also have a few from HP for LaserJets
    But I've never put them on any resume or really told any employer about them other than the ones I got while with them.
    I've lied about a few because it's easier than taking the tests, and no one checks except for CCIE.
    With my 12 year history in the field I don't think anyone cares about my certs.
  • I'm certifiable... you insensitive clod! :)

    Thought about MCSD a while back, but the cost, hassle, and less-than-stellar rep that such qualifications have acquired nowadays caused me to eventually knock the idea on the head. Also, the fact that I code mainly in Borland Delphi, and have never gotten on with Visual Studio, might have caused problems getting the certificate...
  • by mpost4 ( 115369 )
    Have they ever helped any one, and if so what ones, I thought about it before, but before I invest the time and money, is it worth it?
  • I've got a certificate from a Sun Network Programming course I went on years ago. But I'm not exactly proud of it. It's just something I needed to learn at the time. I've considered doing a CCNA -- because it's so easy, I should be able to breeze through it. But since it's so easy, it's not really worth the paper it's printed on. And experience counts for 10 times as much as any certification when looking for a job anyway. Since I already have the experience, the cost of getting certified isn't justified by
  • I will get some soon. Just give me time :)

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