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Journal jcburns's Journal: Podland (things are better now)

After almost an entire month beating my head against the wall, my peace of mind was restored by the presence of a small Airborne box tucked against our front door.

I had (following instructions) sent my ipod with cracked LCD in to Apple's repair center.

And then waited. And then called. And was told that this repair wasn't Apple's fault...so it will cost about $255 to repair.

Then they told me that they wouldn't repair it at any price, and will be sending it back unrepaired.

And then I heard nothing again for a long time. There were reports that the damaged ipod was sent to Atlanta only to be mis- or un-delivered by Airborne--and was thus returned to Sacramento again.

After more than a month, the box appeared. Nice new ipod inside, wrapped safely in its 'don't steal music' wrapper.

My blood pressure evaporated in a spring breeze.

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Podland (things are better now)

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