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Journal mandelbr0t's Journal: Osama bin Laden killed by American troops

Nearly a decade after "9/11", US troops located and killed Osama bin Laden last night, May 1st. US President Barack Obama said that this killing shows that America will get justice, no matter what the cost. Others say that this is a lesson to crazies out there that they won't get away with terrorism. At any rate, I don't think that anyone could argue that America has symbolically won the "War on Terror".

So let's add up the cost. American dollar now worth less than Canadian dollar. American debt nearly at its Congressional decided ceiling of US$14.3T. 50% of people make less than $8.83/hr. (and probably don't work full-time). And thousands upon thousands dead, the civilian casualties unknown.

To me, what this says is that America will seek revenge no matter the cost to its own people. Perhaps American people were willing to bear the cost. I don't know. All I know is that war is not the solution to any global problem. Nor torture or murder. If we truly wish to destroy Osama bin Laden, we must also be better than him or we will become monsters as we claim he was.

I hope that bin Laden's death brings peace to Americans, and sates their appetite for revenge. I also hope every American looks into his heart and asks himself if there was a better way, a way to be an example the world can be proud of. I have no doubt that killing bin Laden was a solution, but it is not an example I am in any hurry to follow.

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Osama bin Laden killed by American troops

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