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Journal mandelbr0t's Journal: Harper Government in contempt of Parliament

The Harper government is now officially the first Canadian government to be found in contempt of parliament. Ignatieff is pushing his ethics and accountability platform very strongly. The Conservative election strategy seems to involve playing on the anti-American sentiments of late and attacking Ignatieff's American citizenship, and connection to Harvard University. They are also campaigning to bolster the economy, though most signs out here in Alberta are that the economy is already improving.

While I've probably been one of the more vocal anti-American voices, I realize that not all Americans are the same, and that democracy has been a real problem for the better part of a decade. Despite Ignatieff's citizenship, he shows that he is a competent leader, and he does stand for the cancellation of the F-35 contract. Ethics and accountability should be big issues for Canadians. If we continue to allow democracy to erode, then we are no better than those we condemn as terrorists.

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Harper Government in contempt of Parliament

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