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Journal mandelbr0t's Journal: No Democracy in Calgary

Democracy has quietly vanished in Calgary, replaced by the covert organizations of a police state., supposedly a social media site allowing comments on most articles, has gone into censorship overdrive. At least three articles I have commented on have disappeared into the morass, nothing left linking to them. Other articles are closed completely to commenting. Articles relating to the Calgary police, or law and order in general do not allow comments. Articles relating to foreign wars do not allow comments. I have already been put through one kangaroo court in an attempt to silence me. I half expect to be murdered every day until this foolish polarization between law and chaos ends. Who could look at the world today and claim that any lawful authority has jurisdiction? There is naught but chaos until a reasonable approach to order is presented. No more wars, censorship, terrorist blacklists, unlawful combat, etc. We cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war, and all our elected leaders do is prepare. In most cases, in direct opposition to the wishes of the people who put them there. I'm tired of being told what the news is supposed to be and how things are supposed to end. It's time for American business interests to stop meddling and give the average citizen their life back.

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No Democracy in Calgary

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