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Journal timothy's Journal: Hallowe'en: Gripes and plans 1

- Some municipalities set arbitrary trick-or-treating times that differ from dusk-and-later-evening of the 31st of October. That's stupid.
- Some kids don't even say "trick or treat!"

Plans (as candy giver, short of a full-fledged haunted attraction):
- Sound effects
- Kids should be (mildly) scared in exchange for the dispensing of candy
- The stench of sulfur (or at least smokebombs)
- Candy should be a surprise -- in a black fabric bag or something, maybe something that feels gross (but quite hygenic, etc)
- Strobe lights
- rocking chair with no one in it
- hissing air
- bubbling cauldron
- maniacal laughter in the background

One day I'd like to find my detailed notes from many years ago on this topic ...

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Hallowe'en: Gripes and plans

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  • Timothy, 3 Years ago I was at Dad's house and we had a huge Salmon that we caught 4-5 foot. He chopped off it's head and boiled the head in a pan. I put it on a plate with when there were knocks at the door trick and treating. I said I have a treat for you and presented the kids with the huge salmon's head... they all ran off screaming!

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